Meet the Team

Anna (Mascot) – (6th Grade) I love gymnastics and have been doing gymnastics since I was six months old. I enjoy reading and playing outside.

Caroline – (10th Grade) I’m very active in horseback riding, and I’m interested in photography. I like playing piano and guitar, and I also enjoy playing with my dog and cats.

Jordyn – (12th Grade) Some of my favorite pastimes are reading, drawing, and playing video games.

Sam – (7th Grade)  I enjoy baking and cooking. My favorite pastime is reading.

Maddox – (10th Grade) I love science, playing and making video games, and programming.  I strive to do my best on our robot . I think I offer knowledge on coding and programming, and I love being a part of this team.

RJ – (12th Grade) I am really excited about being able to be a part of this team. I love any kind of Nintendo games and love playing with cards. I want to be able to learn to be great at programming.

Ethan – (12th Grade) I enjoy reading and playing video games. I was excited to join robotics because I know it will provide me with good opportunities.

Kara – (7th Grade) I enjoy poetry, musicals, and cats. I decided to join robotics and learn how to program to help me in the future.

Trevor – (10th Grade) I am captain of the build team. My hobbies include swimming, bike riding, hiking, and driving anything – preferably manual transmissions. For years, I was the youngest amateur radio operator in the area. I am very active in Boy Scouts and looking forward to earning my Eagle rank.

Caleb – (7th Grade) I like to play video games. I also enjoy fishing and playing with Legos.

Gregory – (8th Grade) I like playing video games and basketball. I want to go into real estate when I’m older.

Jacob B. – (9th Grade) I like to build with Legos. I enjoy swimming and adopting cats. My favorite color is black, and  I  also enjoy basketball, football, and soccer.